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Words of Wisdom from Will Smith

Not only one of my favorite actors, but also one of my biggest inspirations, Will Smith is one of the most successful people on the planet. Listen in as he shares his thoughts about life and success.

Winning Streaks of Success

Tony Robbins tells Rocky story

The Meaning of Commitment

5 Simple Steps to a Hot Business with Bob Parsons

Bob Parsons, CEO of Godaddy, the most successful registration and hosting company in the world and his special guest Brenna – Miss Arizona USA – show you 5 of the most important things every entrepreneur MUST know to build a mega-million dollar empire.

Here with Me…

I Can Only Imagine…

You can do it!

Paying the Price of Success

Tony Robbins – Clarity and Purpose

Tony Robbins – Tiny Changes Mean Huge Results

Zig Ziglar – Attitude Makes All The Difference

Zig Ziglar teaches people all over the world the fundamentals of sales and success. Here he tells a story of a woman with a negative attitude who hated her job, shifted her attitude and changed her life.

Seth Godin: Sliced bread and other marketing delights

In a world of too many options and too little time, our obvious choice is to ignore the ordinary stuff. Marketing guru Seth Godin spells out why, when it comes getting our attention, remarkable ideas spread. Remarkable = is it worth making a comment about?

And the early adopters, not the mainstream’s bell curve, are the new sweet spot of the market. Plus many more gems and examples of ideas that spread.

Keith Ferrazzi – Networking

Success is rarely a solo accomplishment. The author of “Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time” shows you how to eliminate artificial boundaries between personal and professional relationships.

Building on a foundation of intimacy and generosity, you can strengthen all your relationships and build a community that can help you reach your most ambitious goals.

Keith Ferrazzi, one of the world’s most “connected” individuals, talks about: How to have real relationships in your professional life; How to warm a cold call; Finding time to build relationships;Opening yourself to others’ generosity.

Keith Ferrazzi is one of the rare individuals to discover the essential formula for making his way to the top through a powerful, balanced combination of marketing acumen and relationship building. He was the youngest chief marketing officer of a Fortune 500 company and is recognized as a top business leader by Crain’s Business and the World Economic Forum. Keith holds degrees from Yale University and Harvard Business School.

Jack Canfield: The Success Principles

When Jack Canfield talks about perseverance, he speaks from experience his best-selling ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ series was rejected by over 144 publishers before going on to sell over 100 million copies. He’s been a teacher, facilitator, and psychotherapist.

His seminars and trainings have touched millions of individuals from welfare recipients to corporate leaders. In this video Jack Canfield shares a few of his success principles. ‘The Success Principles’ is a book authored by Jack Canfield and released in 2005. In it, Canfield reveals 64 principles that he and others have utilized to achieve great levels of success.

Twitter Hashtags by Mari Smith

Mari Smith, the Social Media expert, explains exactly what “hash tags” are on Twitter and how you might create your own and interact with others. Mari suggests “Social media requires a whole different approach to be successful in generating more revenue. You have to know the right approach.

Social Media – Understanding the Flock Browser

Want to automate and simplify your social media networking? Learn the power behind “Flock” the industries best social media browser.

Download Flock for free:

Social Media – Finding and Sharing Media with Flock

Learn to find and share your media files using the powerful Flock social media browser.

Social Media – Blogging with Flock

Learn to use Flock to easily manage your blogging.

Lou’s Video FAQs #2

Lou Bortone presents a series of brief videos to answer your frequently asked questions about Online Video.


Lou Bortone is a long-time marketing and branding consultant who helps entrepreneurs build breakthrough brands on the Internet, with services such as online video production, video branding, coaching and creative support.

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